Psychological treatment can be covered by your basic health insurance package. If you would like to use insurance to cover the sessions, you need a referral letter for Generalistische Basis GGZ or Gespecialiseerde GGZ from your GP. Without health insurance clients can pay for counseling sessions privately.

We do not have contracts with health insurance companies so you will initially need to pay for the treatment yourself and provide the invoice to your insurance, who will reimburse you according to your insurance package. We work according to the NZA rules (Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit meaning Dutch government regulations for healthcare). Please, contact your health insurance provider for specific information on your exact percentage of reimbursement. This can vary between 60-100%.

Rates for 2022 sessions are

  • Treatment-session : € 166,13

  • Intake/diagnostic-session : € 187,62

A session can be rescheduled or cancelled, via email or by phone, up to 48 hours before the scheduled time. If a session is not properly cancelled or rescheduled 48 hours in advance, a no-show rate of €75,- will be charged.

Couple’s counseling

Couple’s counseling is not reimbursed by the Dutch health insurance. One session of couple’s counseling takes 60 minutes and costs € 227,45- (incl. VAT).

(update July 2022)